Monday, October 15, 2012

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Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

These cells using nickel hydroxide Ni (OH) 2 for the positive electrode (cathode). Hydrogen is used as an active element for absorbing hydrogen negative electrode (anode). This electrode consists of an alloy, usually consisting of lanthanum and metals which serves as a solid source of the reduced hydrogen and can be oxidized to obtain protons. The electrolytes are alkali, usually potassium hydroxide solutions.

Cell terminal voltage: 1.2 - 1.3 Volts
Charging cycle 500-1000
Used in ambient temperatures of -15 ° C to +40 ° C
Typical energy density: 50 - 60 (70) Wh / kg (theoretically 300 kg Wh /)
Typical power density: 100 - 200 W / kg
Typical self-discharge: within 1 month, about 20 - 50%


CD player
Measurement Systems
Power Tools
Cordless Screwdriver

High Energy Density
Can be discharged
The use of NiMH batteries up to 3000 cycles at a discharge rate of 100% was observed. At a lower discharge, for example, at 4%, can be expected to more than 350,000 cycles
Robust - NiMH batteries tolerate overloads and extreme discharges what battery management systems simplifies
Low internal resistance
Flat discharge characteristics (falls at the end of the cycle but rapidly)
very temperature-resistant
Rapid charging in an hour is possible
Trickle charging (very slow or partial charge) can not normally be used with NiMH batteries. Chargers should therefore have timer to avoid overcharging
A repair is possible
More environmentally friendly than other cell chemistries: No cadmium, mercury or lead, and nickel can be reused

Very high self-discharge rate, up to ten times higher than lead-acid or lithium batteries
Suffers from the memory effect, although this is not as pronounced as in NiCd batteries is
Battery expires due to long storage. This problem can be solved by repeatedly charging and discharging of the battery before use. This processing may also resolve the problem of the memory effect
The high discharge rate is not as good as NiCds
Less tolerant of overloads as NiCds
As with the cell must NiCds a safety valve in case of a gas formation have
Coulombischen the efficiency of nickel-hydride batteries is typically only 66%, and the decrease is directly related to the load
Even if the battery has a high capacity, this does not necessarily mean that it is also usable, since it emits only 50% of the entire energy, depending on the type of application.
The cell voltage is only 1.2V, which means that many cells are needed to produce a high-voltage battery
Lower capacity and cell voltage as alkaline primary cells.

Discharging the battery completely each month in order to avoid a memory effect
The battery can not be in the charger
Low loading rate: constant strain rate followed by maintenance charges
Rapid charging methods require dT / dt charge accounts
Timer needed to avoid long maintenance charges

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nickel metal industry at a turning point?

Industrial metals have taken place since the outbreak of the financial crisis, large price fluctuations. The roller coaster ride was and is due to economic factors, as well as determined by the funding and production situation in the mining sector as well as the monetary environment in the markets. The latter has been improved by the recent expansionary measures of the major central banks.

Liquidity based courses

The third program of quantitative easing (QE3) by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the commodity prices, particularly for metals, strong drive in the coming months upwards. This proposition is the essence of a new Goldman Sachs study to the commodity market. But you have to see this prediction in the overall context. For example, the nickel price has dropped since its last high in February 2011 by about 38 percent - in the cyclical low of August this year had extended even to the minus 48 percent.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Indonesian Nickel ore exports decrease due to tax

Indonesian nickel ore and copper ore exports decrease due to export tax in this country.
A 20 percent export tax on various commodities resulted in commodity exports from Indonesia have declined dramatically. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce of nickel exports fell in June compared with the previous month by 80 percent to 572 000 tonnes. Exports of copper fell by 90 percent to 20,000 tons, Commerzbank reported in Commodities Daily. Bauxite, a precursor of aluminum was no longer shipped.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nickel: Ceasefire in Norilsk

For the next few years by the table in any case, a merger with Rusal
and heavily indebted to the metal group Metalloinvest the world's
largest metallurgical company.
Moscow (est). About half a year, the world's largest nickel and
palladium producer, "Norilsk Nickel" buffeted by an irreconcilable
conflict between the principal owners. Now they have apparently agreed
to a constructive interaction. As Russia's Oleg Deripaska and Vladimir
Potanin top magnates (owns 29.9 per cent) on Tuesday announced that
they will lead the Group in future parity. For this purpose, four are
representatives of both sides - three independent directors and a
representative of the state - to move into the executive council.
The aim of the agreement is there, the group again on its feet.
Finally, the market capitalization of the Group by 4.5-fold to $ 13.53
billion was broken into. The devaluation had resulted in Deripaska's
Rusal had aluminum monopolist, who had purchased in April, the
blocking minority at "Norilsk Nickel", collateralize the loan taken

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A nickel mine of BHP Billiton in Australia

It was not a good year so far for Hans-Joachim Welsch. Of course, even the boss says the Rogesa Roheisengesellschaft Saar Dillingen, like all German industrialists on the current recovery, but more as a private citizen. Even if Welsch hut runs under full load, the boom is in the best of Saarlanders subdued.
About the blast furnaces, from the head of one had a beautiful view over the Natural Park Saar-Hunsr├╝ck to nearby France, hangs heavy weather. Since the beginning, the prices of key raw materials iron ore and coal have more than doubled. The hut Welsch hits the mark, because these precursors along with energy costs as the - also becoming more expensive - current account for 80 percent of the cost.
The problems is not alone Rogesa. "Raw material prices and rising concern terminal, almost all sectors of the German economy," says Joachim Rotering, commodity expert at consulting firm Booz & Company.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

nickel element

NICKEL. A silvery-white metal, symbol Ni, first isolated in 1751, but
used in alloy form with copper since ancient times. Nickel has a specific
gravity of 8.902, or a density of 0.322 lb/in3 (8,913 kg/m3), and is
magnetic up to 680°F (360°C). Its electrical conductivity is 25% that
of copper, and its thermal conductivity is 48 Btu/(ft h °F) [83 W/(m
K)]. The metal is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion and resists
most acids, although it is attacked by oxidizing acids, such as nitric.
Sulfide ores and oxide ores are its principal sources, and its principal

Monday, June 14, 2010

nickel steel alloys

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